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TestBag OJEE MCA Mock Tests / Test Patterns

TestBag Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE) for MCA Mock Tests / Old Papers 

OJEE Test simulator has facility to simulate MCA mock tests / old papers

Free users can take one OJEE MCA complete mock test per day. Subscribers can take 6 OJEE MCA mock tests daily covering complete mock tests.

There are number of complete OJEE MCA mock tests as detailed below 



Total 15 complete mock Tests

Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE) MCA Test Simulator

OJEE MCA Test simulator has facility to simulate mock tests / old papers / test patterns for assessment and practice of OJEE MCA exams. The OJEE MCA tests are built on extensive predefined parameters covering exam guidelines on number of questions

Each OJEE MCA Mock Test / Test Pattern is build with following parameters

  • Total number of questions in the specific test
  • Number of questions per page
  • Marks for correct answers, incorrect answers and unattempted questions
  • Total time to complete the test.
  • Question parameters are further set keeping previous exam patterns in view as under
  • Topics/subtopics from where the question were included in the said test
  • Number of questions each topic/subtopic wise
  • Level of difficulty of questions very similar to OJEE MCA Tests
  • Question types in the tests topic wise as in OJEE MCA exams
      • Multiple choice
      • Common data Type
  • OJEE MCA Mock Tests / Test Patterns also has sections with different marking patterns for each section if it is required in a particular exam

You can take Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE) MCA Mock Tests based on previous year exam patterns or create by subject matter experts (SME) or simulate any number new Tests from Test Patterns. Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE) Tests are created instantaneously and randomly based on defined parameters in the pattern.

Each OJEE MCA Test simulates Exam like Environment having different questions but on specific patterns with defined parameters as above for users to practice
(There can be exceptions in very few cases where some questions may get repeated)

The experience gained with OJEE MCA Test Simulator will put all your exam fears to rest

All OJEE MCA test are stored in test history for future reference and each user has separate test history.

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